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Are You Looking for a Baseball Field for Home Games? Then Look No Further!  Carter Lake, Iowa  Is a GREAT PLACE to Call  HOME.  

We offer three of the BEST FIELDS in the Metro Area. They have the following amenities:

  • Competitive Rental Fees

  • Single or Double Header Games

  • Concession Stand

  • Restrooms

  • Fun Ball Park Atmosphere

  • Updated pricing information: $75 per game on weekdays, $100 per game on weekends


Field #1,  17th & Ave P 

  • Bases at either 80' or 90'. 
  • Rubber can be set at 54' or 60

Field #2,  17th & Ave Q 

  • Bases at either 60' or 70'. 
  • Rubber can be set at 44' or 48'

Field #3,  Located directly behind Field #2 

  • Hosts ages T-ball to 11-12-year-olds baseball 
  • 200 ft outfield fence with bases set up 35-65 feet
  • Portable pitching mound to be set at any distance
  • This field does NOT have field lights


Carter Lake Parks and Rec Department
Phone: (712) 847-0536
Fax: (712) 347-5454