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Carter Lake Brownfields Petroleum Assessment Project

In May 2008, the USEPA awarded the City a $200,000 Brownfields assessment grant after a nationwide competition. Grant funds will be used to inventory brownfield sites and conduct approximately 10 Phase I and four to six Phase II environmental site assessments. Numerous former fuel station properties in the target area along Locust Street are vacant or under-utilized, in part because of the stigma associated with real or perceived environmental issues associated with fuel station properties.    

Brownfields assessments conducted under this grant will help the City identify and characterize the petroleum sites so that potential risk(s) in connection with petroleum contamination can be understood and managed for the process of redevelopment.

One of the City’s visions in the Comprehensive Development Plan for Carter Lake, Iowa is a development of a “Town Center”, at the intersection of Locust and 13th.   Development of this “Town Center” is dependent upon addressing real and perceived environmental issues associated with the former fuel station properties along Locust Street. 

BrownfieldFact Sheet 1 Recycling Our City 

Fact Sheet 2 Phase I ESAs

Fact Sheet 3 Phase II

Community Involvement Plan

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