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Building Inspection Department

Residential Misc Permit Application

Commercial Permit Application

Dirt Hauling Permit Application

Demolition Permit Application

Construction Work in Right of Way Permit Application

Residential New Construction Application

Mechanical Permit Application

Plumbing Permit Application

Electrical Permits – State Inspections


Place Modular/Mobile Home Bldg


$9.50 per 100 sq ft or fraction there of




Pool/Spa Permanent above ground



Pool/Spa Permanent in ground



Demolition of Structure


$25 / 1,000 sq ft or fraction there of




Curb grind / cut


 $2.50 per liner foot




Window(s) / Door(S) Replacement


$13.50 (with-in existing openings)

Window(s) / Door (S) w/framing


$25.00 (requiring new or adjustments to openings)

Roofing Replacement (Residential)





$20.00 (Including pervious materials)

Shed (10x12 or Smaller)



Deck / Canopy (10x12 or smaller)



Retaining Walls over 3’ high



Fire Pits/Grills


$13.50 (stationary or permanent fire pits, cookers, grills, smokers, etc.)

Solid Fuel / Stove



Temporary Structure (Residential)


$0.00 1st 30 days           $60.00 4th  30 days

(Extendable up to five times)


$20.00 2nd 30 days        $80.00 5th  30 days



$40.00 3rd 30 days         $100.00 6th  30 days

Temporary Structure (Commercial)


$50.00 1st  30 days        $50.00 3rd  30 days

(Extendable up to two times)


$50.00 2nd 30 days

Irrigation System W/ Backflow



  1. Inspections outside of normal business hours, per hour (minimum charge is two hours)…….. $52.002.

  2. Additional plan review required by changes, additions, or revisions to plans, or to plans for which an initial review has been completed. per ½ hour (minimum charge is a One-half hour)……………. $26.00Effective April 1, 2012


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