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Tim Walton 

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Registration of Potentially Dangerous Breeds of Dogs

Definition: A potentially dangerous breed shall include the following: A pit bull, which is defined as any dog that is an American pit bull terrier, a Staffordshire terrier, or American Staffordshire terrier, and any dog of mixed breeding that has the primary characteristics of an American pit bull terrier, a Staffordshire terrier, or an American Staffordshire terrier. The American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club standards for the above breeds shall be on file for viewing at the city's animal shelter.

  1. Ordinance 87 Dangerous Breeds
  2. Ordinance Summary

Pet Licenses

  • Pet licenses are due yearly and expire on December 31.
  • The fee is $10.00 for each altered dog or cat and $15.00 for each unaltered dog or cat.
  • There will be a $5.00 late fee beginning March 1.

To purchase a license you will need the following:

  • License fee – cash or check (payable to City of Carter Lake). 
  • Copy of current rabies vaccination – must not expire for 60 days. 
  • Proof the animal is altered. 
  • Completed application if you did not license your pet last year. 

Please bring the above to City Hall, or mail everything with a self-addressed stamped envelope. 

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