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About Carter Lake...

The History of Carter Lake, IA

Carter Lake, IA is a unique city because it is the only city in Iowa located west of the Missouri River. In March of 1877, there was a major flood that changed the flow of the Missouri River, thus creating an oxbow lake. This lake was called Carter Lake, which is how the town got its name.

Carter Lake quickly became a popular destination, as it was the perfect place for several water activities. When it started out, there were several hotels and clubhouses, as well as a boathouse. The lake was used by many for rowing, boating, and fishing.

Since state boundaries usually follow the general course of a river, there was a dispute for some time whether Carter Lake should belong to Iowa or Nebraska. In 1892, the Supreme Court ruled that Carter Lake belonged to Iowa. However, Carter Lake did not become its own municipality until 1930 when it successfully seceded from Council Bluffs.

Come Visit Carter Lake!

Carter Lake is now a beautiful and thriving town that offers many amenities to its residents. To this day, we still pride ourselves on our many lakeside activities and beautiful scenery. With several city parks, a golf course overlooking the shore, and a great downtown, Carter Lake is a wonderful place to visit and to call home.

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