Residential Misc Permit Application

Commercial Permit Application

Dirt Hauling Permit Application

Demolition Permit Application

Residential New Construction Application

Mechanical Permit Application

Plumbing Permit Application

Electrical Permit Application


Place Modular/Mobile Home Bldg


$9.50 per 100 sq ft or fraction there of




Pool/Spa Permanent above ground



Pool/Spa Permanent in ground



Demolition of Structure


$25 / 1,000 sq ft or fraction there of




Curb grind / cut


 $2.50 per liner foot




Window(s) / Door(S) Replacement


$13.50 (with-in existing openings)

Window(s) / Door (S) w/framing


$25.00 (requiring new or adjustments to openings)

Roofing Replacement (Residential)





$20.00 (Including pervious materials)

Shed (10x12 or Smaller)



Deck / Canopy (10x12 or smaller)



Retaining Walls over 3’ high



Fire Pits/Grills


$13.50 (stationary or permanent fire pits, cookers, grills, smokers, etc.)

Solid Fuel / Stove



Temporary Structure (Residential)


$0.00 1st 30 days           $60.00 4th  30 days

(Extendable up to five times)


$20.00 2nd 30 days        $80.00 5th  30 days



$40.00 3rd 30 days         $100.00 6th  30 days

Temporary Structure (Commercial)


$50.00 1st  30 days        $50.00 3rd  30 days

(Extendable up to two times)


$50.00 2nd 30 days

Irrigation System W/ Backflow



  1. Inspections outside of normal business hours, per hour (minimum charge is two hours)…….. $52.002.

  2. Additional plan review required by changes, additions, or revisions to plans, or to plans for which an initial review has been completed. per ½ hour (minimum charge is One-half hour)……………. $26.00Effective April 1, 2012

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